It all started with a mouse

Seriously, it did. The idea to start A Geek Girl’s Tees began with a trip to Disneyland and wanting to have coordinated, Haunted mansion themed shirts for our trio. Those three shirts turned into the shop you are shopping today!

Flaunt Your Fandom

Empowering geeks across many fandoms to proudly flaunt what they love is the mission of A Geek Girl’s Tees.

A Wide Collection of Fandoms

Made uniquely for you

By geeks for geeks

The Geek Behind The Tees

Michelle is the owner of A Geek Girl’s Guide and the founder of Geek Blogs Unite. She decided that she wanted to start A Geek Girl’s Tees to give every geek an opportunity to flaunt their fandoms.

Her favorite fandoms include Disney, Harry Potter, indie games, board games, and musical theater.